Mitsubishi Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

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Mitsubishi Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


The new MSZ-FB Series “F-Inverter” split system air conditioner combines 6 star energy efficiency, quiet operation and advanced air filtration for the ultimate in room comfort.

For the ultimate in clean air conditioning, Mitsubishi Electric has created the deluxe inverter split system. These models feature the unique moving i-See Sensor, one of the most advanced temperature sensors on the market. The i-See Sensor constantly scans the floor level temperature seeking out hot or cold spots and automatically directs the airflow to correct the temperature.

The units also see the introduction of the Plasma Duo Filter System, which improves air quality and removes chemical substances from the atmosphere of a home. Mitsubishi Electric has also continued its application of sleek design, recognising that air conditioning units should be unobtrusive and visually pleasing in the domestic environment.

High Energy Efficiency

With the latest inverter technology, energy efficiency is improved by about 13% in cooling operation and heating operation from the “FA” (25 class). This contributes to further reduction in product power consumption.

Other features include:

  • Auto Front Panel: opens and closes when the unit is turned on and off. When closed it provides a smart and sleek visual appearance.
  • Area Setting: set the target area to improve energy efficiency – heat or cool the whole room, or just one side.
  • Quick clean design: the front panel is easily detached and the air flow vents can be opened without special tools, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Quiet operation: some models operate as quietly as 20 dB(A).